Bulk Image Handling


fullyfuelled has the capacity, software and cutting edge auditing solutions to handle large scale image inventory.

We provide the following services:

  • Cropping and reducing the file size of images (especially for E-Commerce application).

  • The injection of metadata into image files.

  • Categorisation and Copyright of images.

  • Housekeeping and clean up of image files, logo’s and text to display with real clarity.

  • Expand images for large scale printing.

Why are your image banks important to your business?

  • Choose and select images that best represent your products and services.

  • Crop the images to a size that makes it clear and appropriate to your target audience.

  • Reduce file size of your images to speed and improve customer engagement.

  • Search engine optimisation; automate metadata and alt text injected into images, so when you upload to leading CMS software the data integrity is maintained.

  • Outsource administrative tasks surrounding your organisations image data.

Images speak louder than words and people find you quickly through them. Why wouldn’t you ensure your image content is well categorised and tagged to be found? Images can also be monetised more readily in the correct format. We can track and audit how your digital images are consumed.


E-commerce Services


Preparing your e-commerce site for Merchant Center’s

Fullyfuelled can help you prepare your products to be found and advertised more readily in search engine results. Google Shopping and Bing Shopping merchant center’s, take a feed from your e-commerce site and ensure your products are indexed to be found at the best competitive pricing included in your sales promotions and incentives programmes.

There are a number of prerequisites and formatting to ensure your site qualifies and the products are approved for advertising.


Instagram Tagging

Instagram is by far one of the quickest ways to get your images, designs, products and services into the public domain.

There are a number of prerequisites and an API/feed to install and integrate your website with facebook business manager. Fullyfuelled can help you integrate, request your account, upload and manage your content. Get your e-commerce up to speed and advertising your products and services fast!


Build Your Facebook Shop

As channel sales go, running a facebook shop is very easy to setup. If you already have an e-commerce site, inventory and images are uploaded to enable sales and advertising of your products and services through the facebook ecosystem.


COmmunications Sevices



Fullyfuelled can deploy simple messenger bots, where you/your employees can engage in realtime with your customer directly as they browse your website. Alternatively, the messenger bot can be set up to take clients down pre qualification paths or request information to fulfil service requests.

The reasons for deploying a chat bot are simple:

  • Many people do not like to engage in conversation on the phone

  • Engage and qualify with customer requests and send them to the right service people ensuring your representatives are best utilised and your customers

  • Manage and engage with clients in out of office hours and arrange call backs

You can experiment with sales changes and paths to purchase

You can dynamically interact with FAQ’s and potentially create paths to up sale. for example the customer may enquire about shipping costs and you could engage them with a free shipping promotion if they spend a certain amount.


Managed Email Services

Deploying and maintaining email and communication tools identity management users groups permissions, mailing lists access to documents Password reset, Setting up your Apple Push Certificates From the basics of setting up your own email domain G suite. To ensuring



There are many new tools and applications available to increase the productivity of your employees; from ideation platforms to producing and sharing office documents, project management Kanban and the integration of these tools with your core business systems.

Fullyfuelled believe’s that software is a tool in the pencil case, the software is only as productive as the person that wants to use it.

To enable your employees and ensure their efforts are maximised throughout your business, contact us to audit and rationalise your IT deployment and spend.